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  Motti Neiger, Ph.D. – Academic Profile (April, 2017)
I am Associate Professor at the School of Communication at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. My academic interests include various aspects of the correlations  between media and culture: mediated collective memory, journalism during conflicts, popular culture, and the role of culture mediators. My research lies at the intersection
of the Social Sciences and Humanities, focusing in particular on the connections between Media Studies and Literary Criticism. The center of my research is my scholarly interest in the ways narratives are created, transformed and promoted in the symbolic arena. My studies span stories that can be found in a plethora of platforms (printed, electronic or digital ones) and a variety of genres, be it news, entertainment or belletristic, particularly in the Israeli context.
My studies that are related to these areas examine them in platforms such as newspaper front-pages, television newscasts, leisure and sports supplements, readers’ comments (talkbacks) on the internet, online and printed literary supplements,  and reality TV shows. Other publications observe the Israeli media and society, inquiring both popular and elite venues (recently I’ve published a comprehensive book on the Israeli Publishing Industry, 702 pp).
     As an active member of the academic community, I participated in more than 100 conferences and organized many national and international conferences, panels and workshops. I served as Dean on the School of Communication at Netanya Academic College (2013-2017), as the president of the Israel Communication Association (2006-2009) and during my term, I was the founding editor of Media Frames: Israeli Journal of Communication. Serving the community, I volunteered to be a member of Israel Broadcast Association's Ethics Committee and to serve as the chair of the high-school curriculum committee on the new communication and society-teaching program for Israel's Ministry of  Education. At Netanya Academic College, I served as the student affairs' dean and as a member of the curriculum committee, as well as other positions and services.