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  1. Neiger, M. (2000). The Literary Supplements and the Shaping of Israeli Culture – The Literary Supplements in the Israeli Press – 1948-1995 – as a Creator of Changes and as a Reflector of Phenomena in Israeli Culture, Society, Press and Literature”, Ph.D. Dissertation, The Hebrew U. of Jerusalem. (Advisers: Yitzhak Roeh (Dep. of Communication and Journalism, Hebrew University, Jerusalem) and Ruth Karton-Bloom (Dep. of Hebrew Literature, Hebrew University, Jerusalem). Approved: April, 2000. [Library of Congress link]
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  3. Neiger, M., Meyers, O., Zandberg, E. (Eds.) (2011). On Media Memory: Collective Memory in a New Media Age. London: Palgrave Macmillan. [for the book on amazon]                                                                                                               Reviews: for Ingrid Volkmer's review in Journal of Communication; for Hilde Van Den Bulck's review in Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television; for Debi Withers' review in Memory Studies; for Robert E. Gutsche's review in Journal of Communication Inquiry; for Amanda Lagerkvist's review in Nordicom-Information (in Swedish).
  4. Neiger, M., Blondheim, M., & Liebes, T. (Eds.) (2008). Telling Media Stories – Reflections on Media Discourse. Jerusalem: Magnes & Smart Institute, Hebrew University. (380 pp.). [in Hebrew].
Monographs & Research Reports

  1. Neiger, M. and Zandberg, E. & Meyers M. (2008). The Rhetoric of Criticism: Challenging Criticism, Reaffirming Criticism, and Israeli Journalism during the Second Lebanon War. The Media in the Lebanon War series, Tel-Aviv: The Rothschild-Caesarea School of Communication, Tel Aviv University. (52 pp.). [in Hebrew]
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Selected articles in journals and edited volumes
  1. Neiger, M. & Tenenboim-Weinblatt, K. (2016). Understanding Journalism through a Nuanced Deconstruction of Temporal Layers in News Narratives. Journal of Communication (link)
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  35. Neiger, M. (2013) Fear or hope? - How the media shapes our perceptions regarding the future and solvability of political conflicts. Discourse, Culture, and Education in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (pp. 4-9). The S. Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.
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