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On Media Memory

The volume,  "On Media Memory", edited by my colleagues Oren Meyers (University of Haifa), Eyal Zandberg (Netanya Academic College) and myself, was published on 2011 by Palgrave-Macmillan (see  contents and introduction). This volume offers a comprehensive discussion of Media Memory and brings Media and Mediation to the forefront of Collective Memory research. The essays - written by leading scholars of the field - explore a diversity of media technologies (television, radio, film and new media), genres (news, fiction, documentaries) and contexts (US, UK, Spain, Nigeria, Germany and the Middle East).
The book received wonderful reviews:
1.  Christine Lohmeier's review in Media, Culture & Society; 
2.  Ingrid Volkmer's review in Journal of Communication;
3.  Hilde Van Den Bulck's review in Historical Journal of Film, Radio   
     and Television

4. Debi Withers' review in Memory Studies;
5. Robert E. Gutsche's review in Journal of Communication Inquiry;
6. Amanda Lagerkvist's review in Nordicom-Information (in Swedish).     
Here are a few reviews quotations (our bolding):

"Let me turn things around for a change and start with the overall assessment of On Media Memory: this anthology is a must-read for everyone interested in the field of media and memory studies. It comprises 20 chapters, some of which were contributed by the most well-known scholars currently working in the field… Chapters can be read individually but some have strong thematic ties, allowing for a well-rounded reading experience. On Media Memory is part of Palgrave Macmillan’s Memory Studies Series, edited by Andrew Hoskins and John Sutton... I suspect On Media Memory will be a key resource in the process of conceiving new research projects.
(Christine Lohmeier, Media, Culture & Society).
 "The  book brings together 20 international key scholars who discuss new areas of collective "mediated" memory studies in contexts of journalism, public communication, activism, popular culture  and new-media spheres... the book opens with a debate of media memory in contexts of methodologies - a much needed debate... This book serves as an excellent introduction to the field... it also lays out a much-needed research agenda of collective memory studies in new important areas of mediated communication."
(Ingrid Volkmer, Journal of Communication);
“All the contributions to this essay demonstrate the changing nature of memory and media-scapes in the contemporary world and suggest this it has important implications for thinking about subjectivity, ontology, knowledge production and, of course, media and memory. On Media Memory is an interesting collection that offers a number of ways to think through how media memories are constructed, connected, created, invoked, transmitted, eluded to, enacted and re-enacted in social, cultural, individual and collective ways... This book is challenging, insightful and informative and will definitely be of interest to researchers from a range of disciplines exploring the relationship between media and memory”
(Debi Withers, Memory Studies).
 “On Media Memory studies media memory from the perspective of collective memory, which is considered as ‘an inherently mediated phenomenon’ (p. 3). While this insight is not new, the book sets out and succeeds to provide refreshing perspectives on the multi-faced and complex nature of media memory, and to pose new questions that result both from recent developments (e.g. the impact of mobile digital media on the nature, process and changes in media memory) and changing insights into meaning creation through memory. The book does this by combining theoretical and methodological chapters discussing key concepts and tools, with a diverse range of case studies, looking at the phenomenon from multiple perspectives”
(Hilde Van Den Bulck, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television)

On Media Memory is separated into several sections, with writings on the concept  itself, the ethical dimensions of memory studies, and memory within today’s popular culture and journalism. Nicely woven throughout this volume, collective memory’s seminal work connects with contemporary times, events, scholarship, and changes in media. The editors also provide a diverse range of articles that draw on international and interdisciplinary perspectives...  This volume is, thankfully, a collection of new media studies that involve exploring the everyday media experiences of audiences. Indeed, this is a look at how advancements in media technologies and techniques initiate an interaction between the reader/viewer/user and the news/issue/history.
(Robert E. Gutsche, Jr., Journal of Communication Inquiry)

More on the project:
Together with my colleagues Oren Meyers (University of Haifa) and Eyal Zandberg (Netanya Academic College), I'm engaged in a research project that focuses on television and radio broadcasts during Israel's Holocaust Memorial Day in the years 1987-2007. The goal of this study is to explore the interrelations between changes in Israeli media, namely, the rise of multi-channel commercial electronic media and the shaping of Israeli collective memory (for more details). The project was funded by the Israeli Second Authority for Television and Radio and the Israel Science Foundation (grant 291/07). Apart from the publications (see below), we organized an international workshop held in the University of Haifa, Netanya Academic College and Yad-Vashem, Jerusalem (for more details).

Publications on Media Memory:

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Oren Meyers, Motti Neiger & Eyal Zandberg
ICA conference, Boston, 2011
(1st. place at the interactive (posters) session)