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Journalism and Conflicts
 Unfortunately, wars and conflicts are part of the past and present of my native region, the Middle East. Beyond the professional challenge, as an Israeli media scholar and a citizen, I feel obligated to critically observe the media in order to uncover its mechanisms in the process of manufacturing the news. In this context, I am especially interested in the role of journalists between the nation and the profession, between solidarity and "objectivity", and the rhetoric that serves this dual allegiance. The papers below represent different aspects of the journalistic devices that assist in gapping between national ideology and professional norms.

Publications on journalism during conflicts:

In English:

Neiger, M. & Rimmer-Tsory, K. (2013). The war that wasn't on the news: "In-group nationalism" and "out-group nationalism" in newspaper supplements. Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism, 14(6): 721-736. [PDF]

Neiger, M., Zandberg, E, & Meyers, O. (2010). Communicating Critique: Towards a Conceptualization of Journalistic Criticism, Communication, Culture and Critique, 3(3): 377-395. [PDF]  [Research report in Hebrew]

Neiger, M. (2007). Media oracles: The political import and cultural significance of news referring to the future. Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism, 8(3): 326-338. [PDF]   [Hebrew version]

Zandberg, E. and Neiger, M.  (2005). Between the Nation and the Profession: Journalists as Members of Contradicting Communities. Media, Culture & Society, 27(1), 131-141. [PDF]  [Hebrew Trans.]

Neiger, M. and Zandberg, E. (2004). Days of Awe: The Praxis of News Coverage of Violent Conflict. Communications: The European Journal of Mass Communication, 29, 429-446. [PDF]

In Hebrew:

Neiger, M. 
& Rimmer-Tsory, K. (2011). The war that was not on the new: Nationalism and war representations in Israels's Newspaper Supplements during the Second Lebanon War on 2006. Israel Studies in Language and Society. [PDF]

Neiger, M.  and Zandberg, E. & Meyers M. (2008). The Rhetoric of Criticism: Challenging Criticism, Reaffirming Criticism, and Israeli Journalism during the Second Lebanon War. The Media in the Lebanon War series, Tel-Aviv: The Rothschild-Caesarea School of Communication, Tel Aviv University. (52 pp.). [Research paper in Hebrew]

Kohn A. & Neiger, M. (2007). To talk and to talkback: The rethoric of the Talk-Back in Israeli on-line newspapers. In D. Caspi & T. Altshuler (eds.). journalism dot com: on line newspapers in Israel. Jerusalem: The Israeli Democratic Institute. [PDF in Hebrew].

Neiger, M. (2005). The Battlefield of Images: The TV Reality Show “the Ambassador” (HaSagrir) and Israeli myths. Panim, 31, 75-80. [link to the on-line version]

Neiger, M. (2007). News speculating the future. In D. Caspi (Ed.). Media and Politics in Israel (pp. 75-90). Jerusalem: Van-Leer Institute. [in Hebrew, Extended version of an article published in Journalism]. [PDF in Hebrew]

Neiger M. (2002). Fantasy Discourse, the Media and the second Intifada. Panim, 23, 45-52. [link to text in Hebrew]

Neiger M., Zandberg, E., & Abu-Raya, I. (2001). Israeli Media or Jewish Media? – The Role of Israeli Media in Covering the Clashes between Israeli-Arab citizens and the police on October 2000. Jerusalem: Keshev – Center for the Democracy. (40 pp.) [Research paper in Hebrew].