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Academic Affiliations
2006–Present: Senior lecturer, School of Communication, Netanya Academic College.
2009–2011: Visiting professor (Colaborador Honorífico), department of Media History,    
                    Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
2008-2009: Visiting scholar - department of Hebrew and Aramaic Studies, Universidad
                    Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
2001–2006: Lecturer, School of Mass Communication, Netanya Academic College.
2001–2008: Research fellow – Ben Gurion University, “Heksherim”, the research center for Jewish
                    and Israeli Literature and Culture.
2000–2008: Adjunct Lecturer, Communication and Journalism department, The Hebrew U.
2002-2006: Adjunct Lecturer – School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, The Hebrew
                    University of Jerusalem (M.A. program).
2001-2004: Adjunct Lecturer – Hebrew Literature department, Ben-Gurion U. (M.A. program).
2000-2001: Lecturer – Sapir Academic College, School of Mass Communication.


Prizes and Grants
2011   Top paper (1st place) at the International Communication Association Conference (Boston) interactive (posters)
            session from 220 papers.
2009   Israel Science Foundation – grant for an international workshop "On Media Memory: The
           Future of Mediated Collective Memory in an Age of Changing Media Environments."
          ($20,000) – together with Dr. Oren Meyers and Dr. Eyal Zandberg.
2008   The Second Authority for Television and Radio – Research grant: “TV New and Worst
           Case Scenarios: Exploring the roles of reporting on anticipated catastrophes” ($4,000)
2007   Israel Science Foundation – Research grant: "Collective Memory and Multi-channel            
          Commercial Media: Television and Radio on Israel's Memorial Day for the Holocaust and    
          the Heroism, 1987-2007" ($40,000) – together with Dr. Oren Meyers and Dr. Eyal Zandberg
2007  The Rothschild-Caesarea School of Communication, Tel Aviv University – Research grant:
            "Criticism and The Media in the Lebanon War" ($1,500). – together with Dr. Oren Meyers
            and Dr. Eyal Zandberg 
2006 The center for ethics, "Mishkenot Shaananim", Jerusalem – grant – The books best seller    
          lists in Israel" ($600).
2005 The Second Authority for Television and Radio – Research grant: “The public role of the
          commercial TV and Radio: The case study of the Holocaust Memorial Day in public and    
          commercial channels” ($4,500) – together with Dr. Oren Meyers and Dr. Eyal Zandberg. 
2001  The Noah Mozes Prize for Excellent Dissertation – awarded by the Communication and    
          Journalism department, Hebrew University.
1999  The Chereek Institute (Hebrew University) – research grant.
1998  The Avraham Issac Katz Prize for research in Jewish Studies – awarded by the Institute for  
          Jewish Studies and the Hebrew Literature department, HUJI.
1997  Eshkol Institute (Hebrew University) – Research stipend
1996  Smart Institute (Hebrew University) – Research grant.


Academic Activities

Netanya Academic College
  • Member of the curriculum committee – School of Communication (2001-2012).
  • Dean of Students – School of Communication (2006-2008).
  • Founding editor of "Broadcast slot", the teachers-students magazine.
  • President of the Israel Communication Association (ISCA) - 2006-2009
  • Founding editor of "Media Frames: Israeli Journal of Communication"
  • Reviewer for national and international journals, grants and conferences (among them: The International Journal of Press/Politics; Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism; Communication, Culture & Critique; Journal of Children and Media; Communication Theory; Critical Studies in Media Communication; The International Communication Association).
  • Member of the Israel Science Foundation committee for evaluating research grants proposals in communication.
  • Head of the organizing committee of ISCA annual conference (2007-2009) and a member of the committee (2004-2006). Additionally, organized  a dozen of other conferences and symposia (among them the "On Media Memory" workshop).
  • Member of the editorial boards of "Kesher" (since 2005) and "Media Frames: Israeli Journal of Communication" (since 2007).
Public Service
  • Member and academic advisor for the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Ethics Committee.
  • Chairman of the high school curriculum committee on the new communication & society teaching program for Israel's Ministry of Education (2011-2014).
  • Appeared before the Knesset (Israeli parliament) committees regarding media regulation.
  • Participated, both as a member and as a lecturer, in peace and dialogue with Palestinians seminars, organized by Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam in Jordan and Turkey
  • Interviewed numerous times for media outlets (TV, radio, papers) in regard to his fields of expertise and published columns on Israel's main news sites on the internet
  • Commentator on TV drama and realty shows series.


Dissertation and thesis adviser:
Ph.D committee / adviser:
1. Irit Zeevi (completed 2006)
2. Kobi Ben-Simhon (together with Dr. Oren Meyers)
MA adviser:
1. Kobi Ben-Simhon (together with Prof Yigal Schwartz, completed 2006)
2. Avishai Josman (together with Prof. Tamar Katriel, completed March 2009)
3. Narmina Abdulheib (together with Dr. Zvi Reich, completed January 2010)
4. Karni Rimmer (together with Dr. Uzi Eliada, completed January 2010).

Courses taught in academic institutions
(NAC – Netanya Academic College; HUJI – Hebrew University)
1. Introduction to mass communication (BA course at NAC & MA course at HUJI) – 3 years.
2. Israeli publishers & publishing Houses (MA seminar, Ben Gurion U., together with Prof. Haim
     Beer) – 2 years.
3.  Mass communication theories (MA course & seminar at the School of Information Studies,
     HUJI) – 5 years.
4.  Journalists in Conflict (BA seminar at NAC) – 2 years.
5.  Introduction to journalistic prose (BA course at HUJI) – 8 years.
6.  Language & communication (BA course at NAC) – 8 years.
7.   Critical reading in Reality Shows (BA seminar at NAC) – 2 years.
8.   The Arab-Israeli conflict & the Media (BA seminar at NAC) – 5 years.
9.   Communication as culture (BA course at NAC & HUJI) – 6 years.
10. Text & context (BA course at NAC) – 7 years.
11. The mediators of Culture (BA course at NAC and BA seminar at Hebrew Literature
       department, HUJI) – 5 years.
12.  Media, Myths and Narrative (MA course at NAC)

His courses were ranked several times among the top three on teaching surveys of the communication department at the Hebrew U. and at Netanya Academic College.


Professional Experience
  Spokesperson for the Israel Antiquities Authority (1995-1996), reporter for "Kol Ha'air" (Jerusalem main local newspaper), producer of symposia for the institute of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University and treasurer for the Jewish Agency branch in Mexico (1997-2000).